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Featured in the Sophistocates Complete Sets A & B

Buy the new Sophisticates Complete 6 Pc. Set A, and we will gift Sampler B to you Free with our special Pre-Order deal. Includes Free Shipping and each set contains Full Size 0.5oz bottles.


Shipping Starts 8/5/17

Open to US and Canada

The Sophisticates Complete 6 Pc. Sets A & B contain 1 (one) bottle of the following shades for a toal of 6 (full sized 0.5oz) bottles: McKenna ZP904, Beth ZP905, Presely ZP906, Joni ZP907, Hera ZP908, Padma ZP909,Yvonne ZP910, Mona ZP911, Elaine ZP912, Hadley ZP913, Tabitha ZP914, Gal ZP915